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BJJ White Belt: After Reading This You Will Make It Through

bjj white belt

Here we go again, another time being a beginner at something. You probably heard about this jiu-jitsu thing from some podcast or a friend that wouldn’t shut up about it, which makes sense because we are pretty much a cult at this point. The BJJ white belt represents several things but mainly symbolizes that you are a tiny baby fish in a big sea. Are you ready to change and become a better version of yourself? Are you going to see this thing through? After reading this article we can guarantee you will look at being a white belt a little differently and hopefully shift your perspective so we can see you rise to be a blue belt!

jiu jitsu white beltBJJ White Belt

The white belt in BJJ symbolizes the beginning of a long but very fruitful journey within the martial art of jiu-jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is a sport that will humble you, build you up, and teach you hundreds of lifelong lessons as you progress and spend more time on the mats.

Why Did You Start in the First Place?

When starting this journey it is super important to remember why you started. Most people start doing jiu-jitsu because their life is not so good and heard on some podcast that jiu-jitsu is an excellent self-improvement tool. Our reason for starting was due to a physical altercation that broke out that we were not able to stand up to because we froze at the moment. What is your reason for starting? Remember it and hold tight to it.

Training jiu-jitsu requires repetition, consistency, and commitment. No professor worth their sale is going to water down or make this easy. You have to love it enough to let it shape you. 

No compromise and no excuses.

What Will Stop You

Many obstacles arise in life when you decide to start anything new. It is a real commitment to yourself and the gym you train at when you start to take this sport seriously. The only way you will get better is by putting time on the mats and there will be a million things that throw themselves at you to knock you off your journey.

Life happens, we understand that. Things change, you move, social situations change, or work gets in the way. Whatever the thing is it is important to work around them and continue to train. 90% of white belts will stop training before they reach the blue belt. It is imperative that you do not become another statistic along the way, we want to see more people completely change their life with this sport and your commitment to yourself is imperative to your success.

This is a wonderful journey you are embarking on. Along every journey you take in life you will have ups and downs but as long as you are focused on your goal, who you want to become, and stay committed to yourself you will make it through the other side.

Who Do You Want to Become?

Are you ready to become a new human being? Training jiu-jitsu allows each and every one of us to crush our limiting beliefs and change the story of how we view ourselves. When you train jiu-jitsu you are not just learning how to protect yourself, you are constantly putting your body in flight-or-flight mode teaching you how to stay calm under intense situations.

No matter the field, life tests us. Learning how to make decisions when our backs are against the wall or when we inevitably find ourselves in a dark/bad spot is unmatched. No other sport will prepare you for facing situations like jiu-jitsu. You will get comfortable being uncomfortable. You will get into the best physical shape of your life and you will find yourself creating a whole new you.

Who do you want to become? 

What do you want to accomplish? Nothing is impossible if you apply the lessons you learn on the mats to your daily life.

bjj later in lifeOlder BJJ White Belt

Being someone who is older and starting jiu-jitsu can be intimidating. Be grateful that you are still in good enough shape to start a physical sport like this AND that you still dare to be a beginner at something. We applaud the older people that decide to change their life for the better.

Jiu Jitsu is a sport that we believe everyone will be training in one day. It is a sport that is accepting of all people of all shapes and sizes.

Jiu-jitsu does not care about who you were. It cares about who you want to become. You should be proud of yourself for taking the responsibility to start this journey. It will not be an easy one but nothing easy is rewarding.


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