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BJJ Essentials – 7 Items you NEED to Own When You Do BJJ

bjj essentials

Are you thinking about leaping BJJ? Or maybe you have been going for a little while now and starting to enjoy your training? Well, we have you covered! In this article, you will find the essential items that you should consider purchasing while going down this journey of starting jiu-jitsu!

The BJJ Essential Items


1. GI, Rash Guards, and Compression 

This one goes without question. EVERY grappler is going to need gear. As grapplers, we are a part of a special breed of humans who enjoy beating each other up on the mats. We have a rotation of two gi’s at this time but definitely will be expanding our collection. Here is a list of top companies to explore for Gis and Rash Guards!

You will wear this equipment every day. Whether you train nogi, gi, or both go get yourself something nice. Something that is cool looking as well as comfortable makes a huge difference. We wear compression pants while training nogi and wear long-sleeved athletic shirts when training to avoid getting drenched in sweat by the super sweaty guys in the gym.

2. MMA Shorts

These specifically need to be MMA shorts!!! Do not get a pair of shorts with any kind of zippers or velcro on the exterior design. When training, those become hazardous to our teammates! 

3. Supplements

Supplements like protein and creatine are a huge part of our diets as athletes. We have to make sure our bodies are fueled with the proper things or we will suffer on the mats! Check out this list of some of the best supplements for grapplers:

For Pain Management, Joint Pain, Or Muscle Soreness

  1. CBDmd – CBD, CBD Cream or Delta 9 Gummies
  2. Phytochet – CBD oils
  3. Fish Oil Capsules

Other Supplements

Mat Fuel 

This is a pre-workout specifically designed for people who train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and provides us with the necessary energy to easily get through workouts! The best part is that we do not experience any kind of jitters when taking the supplement and it supplies us with an immense amount of focus throughout the class!

Protein Powder For After Training

Jocko Fuel

One of the more popular figures in the jiu-jitsu community is a person named Jocko Willnik. The former military commander loves to train jiu-jitsu and has built products around his love for nutrition and the sport! 

Jocko Fuel offers a number of products ranging from everyday supplements to high-quality proteins with no junk on the ingredients list! 

Naked Nutrition

Protein is something we go through pretty often. Having the right protein for after workouts is key for your recovery after a tough training day!


Creatine is a supplement that allows the body to recover faster and allows us to get the most out of our bodies when training! A nutritionist that we recently spoke to told us to continue using this supplement so we know that getting creatine would work as an excellent supplement to be using as a grappler!


4. Gym Bags

Getting a stylish gym bag is always a big up for us. It just makes our lives easier when going to and from practice! We went with the medium-sized Nike duffle bag and have zero complaints! This one-time purchase has been an awesome accessory and has just made life easier for us.

nike gym bags- bjj essentials

5. Pain Management Creams or Oils

 We are a big proponent of getting this as an essential. We come home most days extremely sore from a tough day’s work on the mats. If you are a grappler, you will often find your joints and muscles very sore. It is a nagging thing when we constantly are feeling disgruntled by those little dings from battle but it doesn’t have to be something we choose to go through. CBD creams and oils are a must-have to alleviate any joint discomfort or muscle fatigue. 

cbd oil - bjj essentials

6. Headgear

Headgear can be very important for a grappler to get their hands on if they choose. Headgear helps prevent cauliflower ear, a common ear deformity that occurs when the cartilage of the ear is damaged. As wrestlers, judo athletes, MMA fighters, or jiu-jitsu practitioners, we risk this happening. You can find great headgear on Amazon.


headgear needed

7. Knee Sleeves

Getting knee sleeves helps with mat burns and protects us from injury. When practicing jiu-jitsu it is common to get caught in a position where our knees can get exposed to injury. Having one of these in our gym bag is a part of our essentials. 

knee sleeve

Happy Rolling!

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