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Why Do Fighters Put Vaseline On Their Face?

why do boxers put vaseline on face

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Getting into boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, you can’t help but notice the faces of the fighters glistening before they enter the boxing ring or octagon. But why do they do it?

Continue reading to learn about why do fighters apply Vaseline on their faces before a fight, and what benefits does this practice behold.

why do boxers put vaseline on face

Why Do Boxers Put Vaseline on Their Face? Simple: Protection

Boxers use vaseline to prevent cuts and bruises on their face. It reduces the amount of friction between the fighter’s face and the glove, allowing it to slide off without causing a cut.

In boxing, it is common for the fighter’s face to get extremely bruised up and end up with deep cuts on their face. Fights are often stopped on the referee’s discretion if there too significant of a cut or swollen area.

However, even if a boxer chooses to continue fighting, instead of taking a knee, their opponent may have an unfair advantage and cause further damage. In larger promotions and organizations, the fighter’s health is of the utmost priority, this is why the use of vaseline is permitted.

However, you should not confuse the fact that being punched while having Vaseline on your face is still just as painful as it would be without it. It is essentially just a safety procedure to prevent bleeding and also speed up the healing process for small cuts from previous rounds.

why do boxers put vaseline on face

Here’s How Vaseline Helps Protect a Fighter’s Face

Vaseline basically acts as a crucial shield, safeguarding the sensitive facial area of a fighter, such as the eyebrows and cheekbones, from potential cuts and injuries during boxing or MMA.

A thin layer of vaseline, acts as a lubricating barrier. It minimizes friction and needs up reducing the impact of punches and lessening the likelihood of skin damage.

Boxers use vaseline, not only to protect their face but also to maintain their focus and composure during a fight without the concern of severe cuts which can cause infections and impair vision.

Vaseline Protects From Nasty Cuts

Vaseline is like a shield for combat sports fighters against nasty cuts during a match. It is usually applied to areas prone to cuts, like the eyebrows and cheekbones to allow your opponent’s gloves to slide off your face.

It creates a protective barrier on the boxer’s face that reduces friction and helps punches slide off the skin more smoothly. Especially for leather gloves which create a lot of friction, thus, decreasing the likelihood of cuts. Applying vaseline can also make it harder for sharp edges or rough surfaces to penetrate the skin, minimizing the severity of any potential facial wounds.

Vaseline not only helps facial injuries but is also used to reduce swelling, and the impact of blows on the skin. Ultimately, keeping fighters safe and allowing them to give their best performance, without the fear of deep cuts.

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Vaseline Prevents Sweat From Entering The Eyes

Boxers and MMA fighters apply Vaseline to prevent sweat from getting into their eyes. It is common for fighters to put a thin layer of Vaseline around the eyebrows and forehead. This creates a barrier that can redirect sweat away from their eyes during an intense fight.

If sweat were to enter the boxer’ eyes, it could impair their vision and cause issues in the fight. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference during a fight. However, too much Vaseline on their face could also lead to problems, so much sure to apply a thin layer.

why do boxers put vaseline on face

Do UFC Fighters Put Vaseline on Their Face Too?

UFC fighters also use vaseline on their faces for the same reasons as boxers or other fighters. The purpose is mainly to reduce friction and protect against cuts during fights. Applying Vaseline is a common practice in the UFC, it helps fighters minimize the impact of strikes on their skin and prevent unnecessary cuts.

There are many examples of famous athletes using Vaseline, like Conor McGregor, who has been seen with Vaseline applied to his face before entering the Octagon. Nate Diaz, another well-known name who has also used Vaseline on his face in UFC matches.

Where and how is Vaseline applied to Fighters?

It is common for boxers and mixed martial artists to apply vaseline to areas of their face that are prone to cuts and abrasions during a fight. It is usually applied to the eyebrows, cheekbones, and around the eyes. This practice helps reduce friction and makes it harder for punches to cause cuts.

The Vaseline is typically applied by the fighter’s corner team before a fight and sometimes in between rounds. They apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the fighter’s face to create a protective barrier.

However, it’s essential to apply Vaseline carefully to avoid getting it in the eyes, nose, or mouth. Properly applying it will prevent any accidental contact that could affect the fighter’s vision or breathing during the match.

What Parts of the Body Can Vaseline Not Be Applied?

For fighters in various combat sports, Vaseline should not be applied to certain parts of the body, like inside the ears, nose, or eyes. You also should not use Vaseline on open wounds or cuts as it can trap bacteria, delay healing and potentially cause an infection.

Additionally, avoid applying Vaseline on areas that have acne or other skin conditions that could worsen with occlusive petroleum jellies like Vaseline. Make sure to always check with a healthcare professional if you’re unsure about where to apply it to ensure safe and effective use.

why do boxers put vaseline on face

How are Cuts Treated During the Fight?

During a professional fight, small cuts are typically treated by immediately applying pressure to stop the bleeding. If the cut is deeper, it may need stitches to close the wound properly. It’s very important to clean the cut with water and a clean cloth to prevent an infection. Some medics use special creams or ointments to help with quicker healing and reduce scarring.

In more serious cases, like excessive bleeding, medical professionals may need to intervene to ensure proper treatment and prevent any further complications. It is also quite common in combat sports for fights to be stopped if a cut or injury is too serious. This is usually if the cut gives the fighter’s opponent an unfair advantage.