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Are Hammer Strength Workouts Good for Grapplers?

are hammer strength workouts good for grapplers

In order to build up your physique and become stronger, it is always recommended to spice up your training regimen. Hammers (and sledgehammers) are superb in this regard as they can work out and strengthen your entire body. 

If you’re a grappler, you need this full-body strength more than most people. The following are some great exercises that you can do to become as strong as possible using a hammer: 

What is a Gym Hammer?

A gym hammer is a smaller alternative to a sledgehammer. Due to the different construction of the hammer, its exercises focus more on precision and control while its bigger sibling caters more towards strength training. Either way, both are great tools for grapplers to use to build strength. 

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20 Full Body Exercise Moves with the MostFit Core Hammer Fitness Sledgehammer

The MostFit Core Hammer sledgehammer is not a revolutionary concept, but it does allows you to have a traditional sledgehammer workout without the need for the tire. This is because the head is a spherical ball made out of urethane that can rebound and also withstand extreme force. 

You can get the Core Hammer with an 8- or 12-lb urethane ball, which is enough to challenge most people who’ve never used a sledgehammer. So there are many hammer workouts that regular grapplers can do with this tool to enhance your power, cardio, mobility, and flexibility to become elite athletes. 

The following shows you a wide variety of exercises that you can use to make training fun without any additional weights: 

Pole Stretch

You simply hold onto the vertically-placed Core Hammer in front of you like it’s a pole. Then you push its handle forwards to use it as an anchor, while simultaneously pulling your hips back and lowering your torso to stretch. 

Hip Flexor Trunk Stretch

You get into a lunged position with the hammer vertically placed in front of you. Hold it with one hand, maintain its position on the ground, and rotate the handle while also stretching your hip flexor on one side. Repeat with the other side as well. 

MFR Rolling

Instead of getting an MFR roller, you can use the head of the Core Hammer to loosen up your glutes by rolling on it. 

Squat to Overhead Press

You can do the overhead press to work out your shoulders, or you up the ante by transitioning into a press from a simple bodyweight squat. This will train your lower body as well.  

Core Hammer Alternating Slam

No hammer workout would be complete with a set of traditional side slams on each side. However, a better choice would be doing alternating ones on each side to save time and increase your efforts. 

Slam Jack

You can upgrade from the standard jumping jacks to a variation involving the Core Hammer. You simply slam the hammer on the ground, do some jacks and then repeat. 

Swing and Catch 

You start with a hip hinge movement; bend while holding the Core Hammer’s lower end in your hand on the side. Push your hips forward and throw the hammer, catching it just below its head. Make sure to follow it with your eyes so you don’t drop it. 

Core Hammer Tricep Extensions 

You put the Core Hammer in front of you vertically and push on it to perform tricep extensions. 

Core Hammer Reverse Lunge

You basically hold the hammer horizontally with your hands and do basic reverse lunges. You can make this more challenging with a twisting movement while you’re lunged down. Or, you could do a slam after every lunge. 

Stadium Jump with Twist

Stadium jumps can be a bit difficult to master while you’re holding the Core Hammer. You can make them even more arduous by twisting towards alternative sides after each jump. 

 Grave Digger

You hold the hammer like you’re holding a shovel and pretend to dig a hole while throwing the dirt over your shoulder.  

Flagpole Squat

You just hold the Core Hammer like a flagpole in front of you. But instead of marching like you would in a band, you simply do a bodyweight squat. If you think it’s too easy, try doing a single arm version with one arm holding the hammer and the other being extended for stability. 

Single Arm Flagpole Lunges

As the name suggests, you hold the Core Hammer in the flagpole position and lunge. The lower you hold the hammer, the more challenging the exercise will become. 

Stoke The Fire Squat

This looks a bit ridiculous but it does work a lot of the body. You combine a squatting movement with lunging. As you do this, extend the hammer down and scoop it up like you’re shoveling. 

Paddle Lunges 

For this, you hold the hammer like you’re about to slam it but do a lunge. Remaining lunged, you then twist your torso along with the hammer. You can follow this up with a slam as well. 

Pistol Squat 

Pistol squats are a form of high-level lower body training. If a pistol squat (single-legged squat) is doable for you, then you can make it even better by holding the Core Hammer. You can also do a slam after every squat. 

Core Hammer Burpee

Another variation of a common exercise, you do a burpee while holding the hammer horizontally in your hands. Add a slam to it for even more effect. 

Lever Push-Up

This one’s more advanced; you do a push up while holding the Core Hammer. But after each one, you have to push the head of the hammer on the ground and pull the other end upwards. 

Sit-Up Slam

You sit on the ground and have the Core Hammer in front of you in between your straddled legs. Extend the hammer over your head and strike it in front of you as hard as possible. Then you quickly lay down and hit the ground behind you and sit back up to repeat. 

Mace 360 

Here you rotate the Core Hammer behind your back like you would a set of persian clubs. You can add a slam after every rotation to make it more challenging. A single arm variation can also be done once you master this. 

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Weighted Vests and Dumbbells

TribeWOD also makes weighted vests which you can put on to make your workouts more challenging. Special weighted plates are offered for the company’s vests. Also available are the most versatile and coolest state-of-the-art dumbbells on the planet – the Dark Elf. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Are hammer workouts good for grapplers?

Yes, hammer strength workouts are excellent ways to get explosive exercise in. Doing these types of exercises works on small, fast-twitch muscles in your body and builds overall strength for ay athlete. People who are in football, basketball, wrestling, or any other kind of martial art would benefit greatly from adding sledgehammer workouts to their routine.

Are flipping tires a good exercise?

Yes, flipping heavy tires is another great way to build strength in whatever sport you are playing. If you are a wrestler, BJJ athlete, martial artist, a football player, or participate in any other contact sport that requires strength, you could benefit from flipping heavy tires. The key here is to lift through your legs and never lift something heavy like a tire with your back.

Are sledgehammer workouts effective?

A sledgehammer tire workout has many benefits. It is a full-body exercise that strengthens your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Sledgehammer workouts will increase your grip strength, endurance, and promote higher levels of flexibility.

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