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The Student of Life

the student of life

Life is a video game. The way you level up your avatar is by staying curious and exploring new ways to express yourself. Staying curious and being a student of the game turns shitty activities into more enjoyable things.

Everything you do has a purpose and is meant to teach you something. In the grand scheme of this life, it is our duty to discover lessons and implement them in a way that betters those around us. Being a furious learner yields rewards beyond your greatest measures.

Most people stop gaining knowledge after they are done with formal education. For some, that is as early as 18 or as late as 24. We want to empower you to find joy in learning new things to level up your avatar so that when you are at the end of the ropes, you can look back and be proud of the changes you made.

 Jiu-Jitsu has been a great way for us to personally stay a student and level ourselves up. Martial arts is something we truly wish we found sooner. It has been the missing piece to our puzzle. We built this blog for the sole reason to spread the wisdom and benefits that it has had on us because our belief is that THIS can change people’s lives for the better.

It was something we always wanted to do in the back of our minds but always felt overwhelmed with where to start. Eventually finding our gym has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives and we want to give back to the is a positive and meaningful way.

This quest is something that may take 10 years to see all the way through but when you enjoy the process and stay curious it never seems like a chore. Staying hungry for knowledge is a factor that separates the good from the great, we want to empower you to believe that you have what it takes to be great.

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Always Be Learning

The ending of formal education should not be the end to your knowledge acquisition. The internet has completely changed the way humans will live and interact with one another. and taking action on the knowledge gained are the easiest way to download someone’s specific knowledge on a topic you want to learn.

If you have no idea where to start we have a list of recommendations for you to consider.

Listening to people smarter than you even if you do not understand in the beginning, will keep you sharp. We do this in jiu-jitsu, every day we come in to learn from someone way more knowledgeable on a topic than us. Results will show if you keep showing up. Anything can be learned with the right amount of effort and passion put behind it.

dont stay foolish you are better than that

Having a growth mindset may not come naturally to everyone for many reasons but it is important to believe this statement. Anything can be learned. Everyone is different and people will learn different things at different paces. It is your task to find what you are good at on your journey, everyone has something they can uniquely provide to the world. You do not discover it without a thirst for learning.

A wise man once told me that the smartest people in the room are those that talk the least, stay humble, and are constantly learning from those around them. Learning from afar is a great habit to pick up. Typically you can answer any question you have by watching what others are doing and seeing the results form those actions.

Running into failure after failure can be discouraging but when you take a third-person perspective over someone from a distance you start to analyze their moves and find real knowledge along the way.

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Realize This and Everything Will Change

Embracing the philosophy that we speak about in this article comes with accepting the truth that as we move through life, things change.

You grow apart from people who you once cared about, you move cities, you experience new things or maybe go through a difficult time period and it changes how you perceive the world. True wisdom is found in the acceptance that change is inevitable. One’s ignorance to this fact or failure to realize will find themselves stuck in the same repetitive cycles that those before them were in.

We are a firm believer that jiu-jitsu, to its core is something that teaches this type of wisdom on a daily basis. It gave us an opportunity to change how we perceived ourselves one day at a time. Learning and perfecting a craft that pushes you both mentally an physically was something we had been dying to find in our adult life. It feels great to learn from masters who want to see you improve and to embrace the way of being a student.

objective is to fail - student of life

Failure Gets You Closer

We have been spending our 20s finding out what we are good at and acquiring skills to scale properly in our 30s. Along the way, we have hit massive roadblocks, both mentally and physically. When you are a student of life that is trying to actualize of yourself failure is bound to creep in. If you are not failing you are not trying. If you are not trying then you will be like 90% of other people.

Self-awareness of your weakness is going to be key here. Never focus on weaknesses but being aware of them and choosing to overcome them is real strength. Overcoming the fear of failure is a necessity of living a happy lifeAll you need is one thing to work out, your next failure just gets you one step closer.

The universe has such a funny way of working. Oftentimes, the other side of our biggest worries is beauty. Do not be a fool. If you are unable to understand the idea that failure is the way you learn and stumble across a blissful life, you have been brainwashed. Amazing things are on the other side of failure, great ideas come from failed ideas, and only true wisdom can be found on the other side of failiure.

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Being a student of the game of life makes it all the more interesting. Motivation is for losers – it is not what you need. You need discipline over long periods of time to accomplish anything and reap the rewards of the work you put in.

When you are constantly growing you feel a sense of pride just looking back on where it all started. We constantly look back at journals from when we used to write to our future self back when we were in college it is a sobering feeling and always puts a fire under us to get more, strive for more, and be more. Stay Hungry and Always be a Student of Life. 

fool doth not learn real skills

Seeking Real Knowledge

We love learning a staying a student. It is what makes life truly enjoyable in our eyes. If you are someone that loves learning and has many interests this life has a lot to offer. Since starting our journey in BJJ and finding something that both stimulates us mentally and physically we have felt a deeper connection to our spirituality and have been on a mission to seek real knowledge.

This quest will, in simple words, last a lifetime. Words cannot explain how much gratitude I feel being able to move through this life the way I am. I am truly blessed and hope that those that are reading this can feel that sense of gratitude oozing through your phone or computer. My whole life I felt like an outcast and unloved by those around me for being the way I was. As I move through life and find new ideas to pursue I hope that I can inspire those that find my content to pursue this life as well.

Hope this finds you well.

Recognize that you are on a floating rock in the middle of a vast universe with the ability to have an impact on others in millions of different ways. Be kind, make friends, and accept the cards you have been dealt. Everything will work out.