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Jiu Jitsu Spiritual: The Modern Day Warrior


Warriors in the pre-modern era were glorified by society. They were constantly on the go, training, and fighting wars. They protected what they loved at the cost of their own lives and were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the team. Some became great leaders of this world and changed history. Many gained respect for the stripes they earned at the battle and amassed power from it.

Ancient times warriors at battle

The traits that these warriors embodied were divinely masculine. At its core, masculinity has been under attack and vilified over the last decade by the media and turned society as a whole into being weak and fragile. Showing divinely masculine traits is not a bad thing, it is what every bit of society was built upon. Do not let people fool you, without this energy being embodied by a large group of humans nothing we do today exists.

The modern-day warrior that society has conditioned into the world only fights wars on the internet. They are keyboard warriors who have no desire to grow and work on themselves.

Spineless individuals that embody selfishness, pride, and an overbearing ego are what the masses want you to think the modern-day warrior looks like. I am here to tell you to reject what society throws at you, stand up and become a TRUE modern-day warrior!

Action is what defines masculinity, not gender, color, or race. Being a warrior in today’s world has never been easier because NO ONE is doing it. The competition to become great is thin because no one dares to step up to the plate when their name is called.

9 qualities of a spiritual warrior

Provide, Protect, and Become Dependable

These are not traits someone is just born with, you must grow into these and learn. You may have to do it the hard way with trial and error or if you have enough life experience you inherently understand what this looks like.

Provide, protect, and become dependable for the loved ones you have in your sphere.


Modern-day warriors must be able to put the rubber to the road and learn how the world around them is evolving. You do not need to be a supercomputer or know how to code the next Facebook. You will need to understand the basics of how things operate and be able to apply it to your life so you can benefit.

Intelligence is defined as the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Discover a passion, acquire skills, and apply it to the world, we need people like you. The world is more desperate than ever for these traits to be brought back to light.

Battle Tested

In the pre-modern era they fought wars, but today not so much. As we have become more civilized as a species the need has gone away, this is a great thing!

How can we acquire the traits that embodied warriors without going to war is the age-old question.

divine masculinity through fighting

Life is a war. It is constantly throwing new things at you, good or bad. The battles you face behind closed doors are unique to you. How do you handle those battles? Are you constantly stressed because of work or other responsibilities that grab at your attention? Are you rising to the occasion when your name is called? Are you taking care of your body and putting it through its tests and battles?

It is no easy task but it is a great accomplishment. Nothing great comes easy.

The best way to embody these traits is through some form of martial arts. You only understand when you leap to learn it for yourself. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the “easiest” way to simulate physical warfare safely and going into business is the “easiest” way to simulate mental warfare.

Choose your battles and rise to the occasion.

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