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How to Fill a Workout Sandbag

how to fill a workout sandbag

Following up on our previous article related to filling your grappling dummy, we went ahead and filled up our workout sandbags from Rogue this weekend as well. I will say, I am very impressed with the quality of the products that we bought from Rogue. We will be doing a full review in a couple of weeks and get that out for you.

The fact of the matter is, we plan on building out an entire workout area where we live and talking about it here as we go through it. Lifting weights and doing dynamic exercises with tools like sledgehammers, kettlebells, barbells, and sandbags is a must for those who are training BJJ. We understand your body is already going through enough as it is but working out is a pivotal part of the equation that keeps you from getting injured along the way.

Enough with the tangent. This post is focused on filling your sandbags. We have a video live on our YouTube Channel that can be found here:

How to Fill Your Sandbags

Filling your sandbags is super easy and over time becomes more of an art. This time around we went with two sandbags from Rogue. There are many other options that we plan on trying out that will have a different process than these bags but for the most part, they are all the same.

If you prefer to watch us fill the bags we have, please go ahead and watch that YouTube video we have above! Be sure to subscribe too.

Use Play Sand or Rubber Filler

Really there are two options to go with when filling your sandbags. Play sand or rubber filler are the two most common options on the market. Something to note is that the rubber filler you will buy is about 40% more dense than play sand. This means that 10 lbs of rubber filler will have a significantly larger volume than 10 lbs of dry play sand. Take this into account when determining the amount of fill to purchase.

Weight Training Sandbags

There are many fun workouts you can find on Instagram and YouTube for sandbag workouts that ultimately help with explosiveness and overall strength on the mats. We will start recording some of the workouts we do and put them up on our YouTube for you to enjoy!

Picking Up Sandbags for Newbs

When picking up sandbags be sure to not hinge over and pick up the weight using your back. This seems really crazy for us to even have to say but we understand everyone’s at a different point in their journey and we could respect that. To pick up heavy items like sandbags, grappling dummies, or even punching bags, be sure to squat all the way down and pick up the item using your legs.

Can you use kitty litter for sandbags?

No. This was a crazy question that we saw online that we had to include in the article but please God. Please!!!! Do not do this. The smell is making me gag just thinking about it… Play sand literally costs $5 at Lowes right now, just go get yourself some play sand instead of using cat litter as your filler.