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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is gaining massive amounts of popularity in the world at this moment. The relatively small martial art has become a sought-after skill for the everyday person because of massive influencers saying how much they love training, people wanting to take responsibility for their health, self-defense, and so much more. Exploring the power that you are given by training is something that is amazing to write about. Let’s take a look and explore the idea.

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The fundamentals of BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art and combat sport that is exploding in popularity across the globe at this time. We firmly believe that it will be like this for at least the next 5 years and have an over-optimistic view that it could be this whole decade. Just like CrossFit in the 2010s, new gyms and large tournament organizers are popping up left and right. it is almost every day that we are seeing a new A-list celebrity take on the journey that presents itself in BJJ.

For those of you that are sitting on the fence of that may have been interested in joining, we welcome you with open arms. This article will serve as a precursor of what you will experience with your time on the mats.

Here are some basic fundamentals that encompass what you will learn while training:

  1. Philosophy: You will find yourself discovering deep philosophical truths about yourself and the world while training

  2. Techniques: This is an art. Mastering the techniques that are taught is a must to progress.

  3. Positions: What is a dominant position? How to get our of bad spots? All of it will be learned through trial and error.

  4. Belt System: The way of mastery is long and challenging but well worth it.

  5. Competition: Competition breeds a better version of yourself, embrace it.

  6. Conditioning and Fitness: You will get into great shape and start taking fitness more seriously.

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Physical and Mental Benefits

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art that is known to be a great way to get into great shape. Due the dynamic nature of the sport, many practitioners have reported losing over 20+ lbs and getting significantly leaner from regular training. The thing most people from the outside do not know about jiu-jitsu is how mentally stimulating the sport truly is.

The physical benefits of BJJ are well-recorded and somewhat obvious. Grappling is a great way to get the cadrio you need in order to sweat out those extra pounds while also being a great way to work large muscle groups making you more defined along the way.

When training BJJ there is truly nothing that matter outside those mats. Well, so it is perceived in the moment. You see, jiu-jitsu forces you to be really present in the moment and think your way to victory almost more than any sport out there. I have played sports my entire life and the feeling I get from an intense rolling or training session is indescribable to those that are sitting on the sideline.

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Joining the BJJ Community is a Game Changer

The principles that are involuntarily learned while training a martial art are some of the following:

  1. Pushing through Hard Things

  2. How to react to losing

  3. How to manage your ego

  4. Being a beginner or student all over again

  5. Grit and Perseverance

  6. Becoming a better version of yourself

When we stumbled onto the mats for the first time this last year we had no idea what we would learn along the way. I honestly signed up just to be able to feel more comfortable fighting if the situation had arisen. Not in a million years did I think that my whole worldview would be challenged and I would end up going down a journey of forging myself into a new human along the way.

One thing that really stands out when training Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the community that is set in place. Almost everyone that trains has embodied the principles that are listed above to some capacity. Everyone in the gym is showing up to do something hard because they want to be there to improve, it truly is a wonderful thing.

This shared goal makes the room light to a degree, and an undescribable brotherhood forms within the four walls. Now, every once in a while you do get the occasional dick-head who throws things off (has not happened yet thankfully) but the community that jiu-jitsu has formed over the lifetime of its existence is a feat of its own.

Overcome Challenges in Life

One thing that we can all agree on is that life will always throw us curve balls and find its way to be challenging us to some degree. It is easy in today’s world to try to place blame on our surroundings and not take ownership of the one life that we get to live. As a BJJ practitioner, I can proudly say that this is not something that embodies someone who trains our martial art.

Indirectly, those that stick with the martial art learn how to overcome challenges at a more rapid rate and are presented a real-time outlet to work this muscle in the mind. No one here is soft like baby shit when compared to what is going on in the real world. Everyone wants to place blame on everything else around them looking inward to solve the problems that present themselves in our lives.

My coach said this the other day, “Jiu-jitsu is just like life. Sometimes you have really high highs and sometimes you are getting destroyed by everything that comes your way. How you react and handle those swings defines who you will become.”

Who would have thought that the act of almost getting choked out and trying to find a way out of it would be a genius way to teach people deeply rooted philosophies about life?

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Tips For Beginners: How to Get Started TODAY!

I get it, starting can be hard. 90% of the time it is the biggest hurdle people have to get over in almost anything that involves being new. But what is your alternative? Stay the same forever? not on this side of the internet.

Here are some tips that I wish I would have known as a complete beginner that would get me up to speed TODAY:

  1. Understand this is a long game

  2. Do not focus on belts, focus on getting better every day

  3. Do not take it so seriously, this is a fun way to exercise

  4. You will be humbled, learn the lesson that comes and keep showing up

  5. Compete when you can even when you don’t “feel” ready

  6. Start supplementing and eating clean

  7. Find coaches that care

  8. Study techniques frequently

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