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Everyone wants a piece of King Ryan these days and it seems like they are all falling short. The closest it seems that people can get is by wearing the gear he sports in competitions! Future Kimonos is touted to be the ‘World’s Best Jiu-Jitsu Gear’ while sponsoring one of the world’s best athletes! Let’s take a deeper look at their latest clothing! This article is a review of Future Kimonos latest gear!  


When it comes to looking to buy some new products we look at several things that ultimately help us come up with an opinion. We have bought the product, worn it, and trained in it multiple times.

Future Kimono is a jiu-jitsu gear company that offers top-of-the-line no-gi rash guards. Future Kimonos is a business that started roughly 4 years ago and has the likes of Gordon Ryan as their main sponsored athlete.

Anything that Gordon is touching these days seems to be turning into gold. His recent performance at ADCC put this company on our radar. We had to grab some new rashies and these were the first ones we had in mind!



First off, these rash guards look amazing. The latest version of their Gordon Ryan collection is top tier in the looks category. As you can see it has the Joe Rogan Experience logo displayed as well as the crypto sponsorship from Bitcoin Cash. 

future kimono rash guard review

The Gordon Ryan ADCC 2022 Collection came in three colorways, black, gold, and white. We went with the white and black rash guards for a more neutral look but the gold ones were a popular hit amongst our teammates. In the collection, you can find matching shorts and the long-sleeved version of the image below. 

We saw plenty of rash guards the weekend of ADCC and Future’s stood out the most to us. In the looks department, we are giving this a solid rating. 

Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good!

Feel & Material

The part about these rash guards that blew us away was the way that they felt on our bodies. The material is silky smooth and has an excellent fit.

In this department, Future Kimonos is also crushing it! Compared to our own rash guards and compression shirts, we can comfortably hold these up to the top!

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Overall, Future Kimono’s rash guards are an excellent choice and a great idea for a gift!

We are very happy with the purchase and will be buying more gear from them in the future.

They allow people to customize their own look so we can create something cool down the road! The quality of the product, the feel on your body, and the look are all top-tier.

If you are looking to check out their latest pricing on the Gordon Ryan ADCC Collection click the button below.

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