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Jiu Jitsu Black Belts: What Does it take to be World-Class?

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Just like jiu-jitsu, society has hierarchal levels that can be identified and defined. There is such thing as being good, being great, and then becoming world-class. Being world-class is something that only a small percentage of human beings can attain. Getting to the pinnacle or even the 1% in jiu-jitsu is only accomplished by becoming a black belt. The black belt in jiu-jitsu represents an elite class of people who have dedicated years to the sport.

At one time, there is only one Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Tony Robbins, or Oprah Winfrey. You can become world-class in many facets of life and there are thousands of examples all across the world. 

There are clear differences in the levels; not many will be able to get to the pinnacle. Sometimes luck is a factor, where you are born or what your genetic make-up is can significantly impact one’s ability to get to be great or even good. But the jump from being good or great to world-class is defined by character qualities and things that cannot be taught.

stop comparingSacrifice, Discipline, and Hard Work

Self-control and the work ethic that you display will be a huge indicator if you have the potential to be world-class in your respective field.

Understanding what you want and what you are personally capable of will also be key components of your success. You have to be enthusiastic in your work. Leaning into your strengths, and knowing your weaknesses along the way will not only save you time but also a ton of wasted energy. Do not focus on the things you are bad at, getting just good enough at those or finding someone else to do the things you dislike is a much better use of your time.

Being world-class usually is not a one-man show. Sure, one person gets the credit, but behind every great person is a team of individuals working together for the greater good. For athletes, it could be trainers, nutritionists, or parents. And for people in business, it could be your spouse. To get where it is you want to be and become the very best at that said thing is something humans desire at our core. We all want to actualize our greatness.

Why is it that not very many do?

We believe it is several things. Habits, drive, tenacity, patience, intelligence, or just downright getting bad advice. The worst advice we have heard on the internet is to focus on weaknesses

We just believe in getting so good at your strengths that your weaknesses do not matter. Do not neglect them entirely and be self-aware of them but float on that line.

the student of lifeThe Secret to it all

Self-awareness is what is going to make you great in any endeavor you choose to go down. The ability to look inward, notice what you are good at, acknowledge what you are bad at, and move according to your own drum is very powerful. You truly start to disregard what others think and feel when you are an individual that is self-aware of these things.

This is a skill you will be working on for the rest of your life and probably the most important one you can hone. The younger you are the better you’ll be on a long enough timeframe.

The best way to become more self-aware is by reading thought-provoking books and trying new things that challenge you or push you outside your comfort zone. If you are not getting uncomfortable in some way, shape, or form, you will never be great.

The pursuit of greatness is a choice that you make every day. You will not accomplish everything you set out to do in one day, it never works like that. Only a few make it to the top; it takes years of work and sometimes with no tangible results to show. You only get one shot at this life, make the most of it!

Happy Rolling!

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