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CBD For Athletes – Best Products to Use and Helpful Information to know


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CBD byproducts are revolutionizing health and wellness as they’re an easy solution to many common troubles such as insomnia, chronic pain, indigestion, and epilepsy. Many athletes are using CBD-derived products as they solve several issues that inhibit athletic performance. In this post we will be diving deeper into CBD for athletes and why everyone who trains should be considering it to be an essential item.

CBD for athletes helps in areas such as pain management, more restful sleep, and muscle recovery. Hence there are countless famous athletes promoting nonprescription CBD products.

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The following tells you everything you need to know: 

Is CBD good for athletes?

Yes, CBD is great for athletes for a variety of reasons. The first is because it is a psychoactive compound that doesn’t intoxicate you. This means that it doesn’t inhibit an athlete’s performance when they’re competing. In many ways, CBD has a calming effect on our bodies and there is scientific evidence that proves the benefits this has on our bodies (source).

Another reason why it is good is that it improves sleep quality. Sleep is essential for athletes as they need it to recover their muscles after training for hours. CBD helps them sleep easier and better so it is recommended. 

Also, it helps relieve pain and reduces inflammation that athletes often experience due to injuries. 


If you are actively training in jiu-jitsu, martial arts, boxing, judo or any other form of combat sports, CBD needs to be in your possession. We firmly believe that any serious athlete can benefit from using it, especially as we get older and body parts start to ache a bit longer. Pain management is what keeps our bodies able to continue our training efforts as we try to climb the ranks in jiu-jitsu.

We have played sports all our lives and know for a fact that CBD would have been beneficial to us all those years we suffered from sore muscles and shin splints.


What is cbd?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the compound that is psychoactive (THC), CBD does not get the user intoxicated and has many healing components for our bodies. The healing components help promote and reduce physical pain while promoting the mental health of the people who actively injust the compound.

How can you consume CBD?

CBD can be consumed in a number of ways. As the benefits of CBD become more well-known, more people are coming up with creative ways to take the compound. The most popular ways to take CBD are through edibles, tinctures, topicals, or vaping.

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Taking CBD as an edible is the most convenient and one of the most common ways people take CBD. When you take an edible it may take longer to feel the effects.

full spectrum cbd - cbd for athletes


Tinctures are CBD-infused liquid drops that can be added to drinks or absorbed quickly under the tongue. Taking tinctures under the tongue allows for the CBD to be more fast-acting and have a more direct route to your blood stream.

cbd tinctures


Topicals are CBD-infused creams that can be applied to the skin or muscle tissue. We personally love the CBD cream that we use and have seriously benefited from using it. The creams typically last the longest so if you are looking to stretch a dollar, this may be a good item to pick up.

cbd topicals


This is the quickest way to consume CBD but probably our least favorite way. This way has its own set of health risks that should be taken into consideration. If you take on physical activity that requires you to run a lot vaping should not be the route you want to go.

Is CBD legal for athletes?

This depends on the regulatory organizations in the sports that the athletes are competing in. CBD is legal (with asterisks) in many sports which is why you see its products being advertised by so many professional athletes. 

If we talk about the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA), it legalized CBD around five years ago. That being said, THC, which is found in full-spectrum Anti-Doping CBD products, is still prohibited. Even broad-spectrum CBD products can contain traces of this, which can be problematic during tests.  

This is why sportspeople are advised to consult the people running their sports before using CBD products. 

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Relieve Pain

As mentioned above, CBD has been proven to reduce pain. Research shows that exogenous CBD helps the endocannabinoid system control its neurotransmitters in order to regulate itself after an athletic performance. 

For example, it helps counter arthritis and joint pain since it has an anti-inflammatory nature. Forbes Health did a survey in which they found out that 60% of adult CBD users use it as a pain reliever. 

That said, it isn’t considered or prescribed as a painkiller in the US. CBD for pain relief is usually considered best when it is paired with THC – not more than 0.3% of it as far as contents are concerned.   

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Benefits of CBD oil for athletes

CBD oil is used by many famous athletes as it has been shown to have several advantages. Despite the research being currently underway, we’ve established that the following are the potential benefits of CBD oil for athletes: 

1) CBD oil can support the digestive system

CBD oil is an effective way to prevent problems in the digestive system. It is an excellent way to counter digestive disorders. The oil helps you produce more serotonin which makes the digestive system work better. At the same time, it also fights against harmful bacteria. 

2) Reduce inflammation and relieve pain

Because CBD oil has an anti-oxidative nature, you can rely on it to counter oxidative stress and reduce inflammation as a result. There are pain signals related to causing inflammation that is prevented by it from reaching the brain.  

Your immune system is also developed and controlled better. The CBD in the oil can also prevent any micro elements related to the immune system from getting reduced. This helps boost the response of your immune system and reduces inflammation even further. 

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3) Athletes use CBD oil for sleep

Good sleep is essential for athletes to recover and maintain muscle. It is a known fact that CBD helps you sleep better as it reduces anxiety by working with the hypothalamus. This is why athletes and many others tend to use CBD products – it is an effective way to counter insomnia. 

4) CBD oil supports the body’s natural systems

Athletes tend to put more stress on their bodies’ systems than the average joe. As a result, their systems can always use some extra help. CBD oil benefits several of the body’s systems which include the immune and digestive systems. 

5) CBD aids in recovery

Getting sore muscles is an active part of an athlete’s life, hence full muscle recovery is key before they start competing. CBD products help counter muscle aches and soreness. They help the muscles relax and allow athletes to sleep better to regenerate the muscle fibers. 

They also reduce inflammation to protect healthier muscles and reduce many types of pain in general. As a result, athletes can train harder and more consistently, since the amount of downtime is reduced. 

6) Improve Sleep Quality

We know how CBD products help in getting more restful sleep by reducing stress and anxiety. They also help in inducing sleep by reducing the chronic pain athletes usually suffer from. In this case, full-spectrum product choices are better since they contain more THC. 

sleep better with CBD

7) Promotes digestive health

CBD oil helps protect athletes from digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome. It also reduces hunger by improving the overall working of the digestive system. It is known to relax the muscles in your stomach which also helps treat pain.

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Best Value For Money – cbdMD

cbdMD is one of the top brands that offer CBD products. It sells gummies, oils, tinctures, gels, balms, and topical CBD products in full and broad-spectrum options. The brand has gained a lot of popularity in the form of a loyal consumer base. 

This is because of its emphasis on offering high-quality broad and full-spectrum CBD products. The company independently tests all of its products and consumers are allowed to check the test results online. 

The best part is that the brand offers reasonably priced products. It not only makes high-quality hemp-derived CBD products available for the masses, but it also combats the myth that CBD-derived products are pricey. 

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Best lower potency CBD balm for athletes – cbdMD CBD Cream

The CBD Recover Tub from cbdMD is one of the finest hemp-derived CBD products available for athletes today. This CBD product is aimed at pain relief and eliminating muscle soreness. It falls into the broad spectrum category which means that it comes with only a few traces of THC. As a result, it should pass most drug tests without the athlete testing positive for it. 

How to use CBD

There are many types of CBD products in the world today and they’re to be used differently. For example, CBD edibles such as capsules and gummies are to be taken orally. CBD oil is supposed to be placed under your tongue for a while and then swallowed. You can apply topical CBD byproducts such as creams, lotions, and balms to your skin. 

10 famous athletes who use CBD

There are many athletes who use and promote CBD products. It is a long list and it includes competitors from all sports, especially combat sports like boxing and MMA. The following are ten notables who use CBD products: 

  1. Tiger Woods (Golfing legend)

  2. Rob Gronkowski (NFL superstar)

  3. Eddie Hall (Powerlifter)

  4. Daniel Cormier (UFC Hall of Famer)

  5. Shannon Briggs (Boxing world champion)

  6. Rickie Fowler (Golf star)

  7. Nate Diaz (MMA fighter)

  8. Alex Morgan (Soccer veteran)

  9. Klay Thompson (NBA player)

  10. Yair Rodriguez (UFC contender)

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Frequently Asked Questions about CBD

There are many myths and questions related to CBD byproducts. The following should clear some of them:

Safety and side effects of CBD

CBD is great and its products are still being improved so there are some side effects. These include dry mouth, mood swings, diarrhea, drowsiness, and a reduced appetite. 

Is CBD prohibited for athletes?

No, CBD is not prohibited by most sports organizations. Problems can arise with full-spectrum CBD byproducts as they contain more THC (still federally legal). 

Will using CBD cause someone to fail a drug test?

If one uses full-spectrum products, there’s a high chance of testing positive for THC and failing the test. Even broad-spectrum products have traces of THC so they can also cause one to fail a drug test. Hence athletes are recommended to consult their testers beforehand. 

Is CBD good for muscle recovery?

Yes, CBD helps in eliminating muscle soreness. It helps its users sleep better and reduces inflammation and muscle aches. 

How to choose the best CBD oil for athlete

In order to choose the right oil with CBD for athletes, one has to look at a bunch of factors which include potency (important for drug-tested athletes), brand awareness, and reviews. In the case of quality and transparency, one can opt for brands like cbdMD which allow the consumers to view the results of their products’ lab tests. 

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