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55% of Grapplers Think They Can Wrestle a Gator, Can You?

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55% of Grapplers polled fro our audience stated that they could take on a gator and come out on top. Our Instagram is a great place to find all kinds of grappling-related content and soon a great place to find all kinds of gear! We recently took to our audience with the question,” what animal could you fight and win against” and here were our results!

A Poll on Grapplers

We recently ran a poll on our audience to what animal grapplers thought they could beat in a head-to-head match and the answer was shocking. It is not a secret that people who partake in grappling-based martial arts have increased confidence, but going head-to-head with animals doesn’t seem too farfetched for most.

Fighters worldwide have been notorious for throwing some wild answers to the question, “what animal do you think you could beat in a 1-on-1 fight” and it is no surprise that our audience fit this mold. Training alone must be doing something to get these types of answers!

Grapplers Graveyard

We took to our audience and the results were pretty shocking. With over 500 people voting on the poll majority said that a gator would be their animal of choice to face (and win) in a fight! Following closely behind the gator we can see that a monkey or gorilla would be the next animal of choice to grapple against and come out on top.

Now if we had to pick the animal of choice to go up against we would probably side with it being a gator or a bear. We all have seen Khabib wrestling with a bear as a child so its not out of our minds to think that we could hop in there for a couple of rounds with a cub or two!

Our audience of 15,000 followers on Instagram is a set of grapplers from all walks of life in all areas across the globe. Doing these polls is a fun way to engage our community and look further to understand what makes them happy and what runs through their head.

Pick The Gator Success is Inevitable

Maybe its good to conclude that gators are the only animals on this list without real long limbs or sharp claws. Disregarding the talons on all these animals it’s a pretty clear and easy choice of which animal would be easiest to take on amongst the list we provided.

All jokes aside, no animals were harmed in our little experiment and it is probably not the best idea in the world to wrestle any kind of wild animal.

We’re not sure if even the greatest grapplers in the world right now would have the right mind to go up against a wild animal but something tells us that Gordon wouldn’t have any issues with a gator if they went to battle.

Maybe with enough training we can all take on and defeat a wild animal. It’s definitely an item that is added to our bucket list at this point!

What about you?

If you had to wrestle one animal and had to come out with the win, which one do you think you could take on successfully?

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