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What your BJJ Belt Rank Says About You

bjj belt rank

Do you know the difference between someone that makes it to the black belt and someone who does not? Your BJJ Belt Rank says a lot about who you are to the people around you within a gym, when you understand what stage you are in and dedicate yourself to being the best at that stage, eventually you will find yourself as a successful black belt! Let’s break down what each belt level says about you!

BJJ Belt Rank

White Belt

At this stage, you are at the beginning of your journey through jiu-jitsu. Jiu-Jitsu is by far the most strict martial art when it comes to ranking up. At this stage, you should be focusing on learning the names of all the techniques you can remember and start to get comfortable using most of them. While training it is impossible to remember everything but having a good grasp will make you more well-rounded.

We believe that the fastest way to progress and find holes in your game is through competition. Try to at least compete twice a year to get a measure of where you stand amongst others.

Blue Belt

You are a master of the basics at this stage and can take on any white belt with ease. The blue belt is the second stage of a long journey of getting to the black belt. At this stage, you are proficient in several techniques and are starting to develop your style. Try not to get fixated on a style of the game too early, that is the easiest way to fall into the Blue Belt Blues.

Purple Belt

A purple belt is the first sign of expertise. This is the point where you have a firm grasp on every technique, can execute those techniques at a high level, and hone into a style of play. Your purple belt tells others in the gym that you are extremely proficient in the sport of jiu-jitsu and you will soon be looked at as a leader in the academy.

Brown Belt

Most brown belts are considered “black belts in disguise”. When you hit this stage in your journey you are practically an expert. You have extreme levels of proficiency in several techniques and could teach these techniques to someone else. Most brown belts would be able to start running their academy or at the very least start teaching their classes if they chose to do so.

Black Belt

Black belts are the leaders in the academy. This belt symbolizes that you are at the pinnacle of the sport and have put years of time and effort into jiu-jitsu. You are among a small fraction of human beings that can achieve this and you are set apart from the rest. To get to this point you have proven to others and yourself that you can dedicate yourself to something hard over a long period.

Jiu Jitsu is a sport that is very strict in the way that it promotes students to the next level. After moving through the ranks or even getting stripes within a respective rank, you should feel proud that you can do something most people will never attempt to do. 

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