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Super-fights and Arizona’s Dazzling Jiu Jitsu Scene

super fights
super fights

Being a part of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community is a more and more people are starting to desire, you can see it in events like this. If you have never been to a SuperFight we highly suggest you change that! These matches are full of spectacular athletes and rivalries that keep you on the edge of your seat! Attend a local event or to buy a subscription to FloSports so you have access to these!

Arizona is not only a state that has been on everyone’s radar for their travel destination but it also seems that Brazilian Jiu-jitsu’s next hub could be sprouting up in the state. The state of Arizona is a beautiful desert oasis that hosts a number of attractions that bring people from all over the country. To add on top, Arizona Brazilian Jiu-jitsu seems to be exploding in popularity! Both kids and adults across the state are falling in love with the sport every day and leading the movement is none other than AZBBJL, Arizona’s Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Tournament host!

AZBJJL: Arizona Jiu Jitsu

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu scene in Arizona is something to keep an eye on for the coming years. In Arizona, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is exploding in popularity with over 20 schools across the valley! Last season for the state was remarkable and people were captivated by the competitive scene that AZBJJL, the premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu League in the state, hugely dominated.

AZBJJL fosters the budding community that is growing within the state by keeping track of the top academies for both the kids and adults divisions, here is how last season turned out:

azbjjl acadamy rankings

Last season in the adult division, Kiko France snuck away with the best competitive gym in the state by a close margin! This season is looking to be just as exciting for the academy. Will there be a newly crowned champion in the state for 2023?

In the kid’s division, the competition scene was dominated by Refuge BJJ with Ares East Mesa right behind! 

azbjjl kids rankings

For both children and adults the competitive Brazilian Jiu-jitsu scene is spurring into something that people should truly keep their eyes on. There is a ton of talent across the state and there seems to be so much more room for growth.

Kicking Off the Season

The 2023 season is about to get started for AZBJJL and they are looking forward to another competitive and fun year. On February 11th, AZBJJL will be hosting the opening tournament of the year at Bell Bank Park, a new sports facility that is attracting all kinds of attention for te state’s athletic scene.

Future Events for 2023

Here is what the schedule looks like this year for AZBJJL:

  • February 11th – AZ INTERNATIONAL OPEN
  • April 15th – Kid’s Cup (Spring)
  • April 15th – Copa Bela ( All Female Jiu-Jitsu Tournament)
  • June 24th –  AZ State
  • August 12th – Novice Cup & No-Gi State
  • October 14th – Southwest Classic
  • December 9th – Masters Cup & Kids Cup (Fall)

If you are like one of the millions that plan on visiting Arizona this year be sure to check out some local schools! Across the valley, you can find an academy that will welcome you with open arms!

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Super Fights with Arte Suave Elite

Super Fights are a great way to integrate yourself within the community further. Competitors all around the state (or world depending on the fight) put on a show for a good crowd of people. If you have not gone to one, you need to check one out, they are extremely entertaining!

Arte Suave Elite, a fight promotion company based out of Sacramento, CA, put on a great event putting  some fantastic competitors against each other. Arizona has been a hot spot for people’s moving destination and it has attracted some of the best talent in the sport to continue their training. The event that was put on by Arte Suave was top notch and showcased some of the best upcoming talent the state has to offer. Here are some of the highlights if you missed the event:

Jahfear Bukari

23 y/o MMA Amateur, blue belt in BJJ, put on a clinic at Arte Suave’s Super Fights in Phoenix, Arizona. Such an entraining matchup, there must have been some kind of beef between the two competitors because they were going at it.

Keeping an eye on this guy and what he does over time is probably not a bad idea! He is a freak athlete and has a secret break dancing talent!

Jarell Madrid

Brown belt NoGi instructor out of GreyWolf BJJ and Roll Union sponsored athlete brought out the house. This guy put on a show and showed off his impressive game. The energy brought by the crowd supporting Jarell gave life to the mats. The match was by far one of the most entertaining matches of the night!

The De Los Santos Brothers

Oscar and Gabriel De Los Santos two brown belt brothers both fighting out of Jay Pages BJJ gym in Arizona are the real deal. Both of them put on for their families and for their gym at Arte Suave’s Super Fight. These two are definitely guys to keep an eye on, they are strong, fast, and compete very frequently. The rising stars of Arizona’s jiu-jitsu scene may be led by these two.

Oscar ended up taking the W against his opponent by decision and Gabriel lost to winner of the the main even Tyler Held.

Tyler Held

The brown belt competitor with long, mane-like hair, put on a great showcase of his skills against his opponent Gabriel De Los Santos. Their match pretty much went back and forth the entire time, with neither competitor being a clear-cut winner. The match came down to referee decision and rewarded Tyler with the well-deserved victory! 

State Tournaments and Competitive Gyms

bell bank park arizona bjj tournament host

Arizona does not have a shortage of attention at this stage of the game. World-class athletes around the world are eyeing the state as a good destination to live and train. The opportunities to find great gyms or exciting tournaments seem to be endless! Just from watching the Super Fights with Arte Suave Elite, Jay Pages BJJ seems to be the competitive gym to train at if you are serious about becoming a top notch athlete. Just at this event alone they had 8 or 9 guys compete with more than half winning their matches!

A huge factor playing in the growth of Arizona’s competitive scene is the build out of the largest sporting facility in the west coast, Bell Bank Park. With the development and growth of areas like Eastmark and Queen Creek, the facility is just adding fuel to the fire! 

With the popularity of BJJ is growing and Arizona becoming a more desired destination for people, the scene for the sport is beaming with young talent. Keep an eye on the athletes and what happens to the sport over the next 5 years.

Happy Rolling!

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