Starting an Online Business

starting an online business
The World is ever-changing due to the advent of the internet. We believe we are just in the first innings of the true impact it will have, which is crazy to think about. We highly recommend you read the book the Sovereign Individual to understand our thesis behind the changes we may see in our lifetime. With more and more jobs becoming obsolete because of AI we believe the future of humanity is filled with entrepreneur ventures and skilled work. In ancient history, humans had to acquire skills and bring them to the marketplace. Farming is a good example of a common business during these times. Acquire the skill to grow crops, bring them to the marketplace, and boom you get paid. Now because of technology, the need for certain skills is obsolete because the tech can do it better and faster. Over time we are going to see a loss of jobs that can easily be replaced by robots, leaving people in those fields with a grim future.

The Internet’s Impact on Work

As tech advances more people that find themselves in positions where the tech can do their job better, and cheaper. We created an assembly line for the creation of cars and because of that we no longer have to pay people to bolt in individual parts, the machine does it for us. We live in a world where we can work from the comfort of our homes. Because we can do this, upper management can see who adds value to a company and who does not based on their output. If you are not a value-add or work in a non-revenue generating position, you are at risk of being completely replaced by something cheaper like an AI. Inflation is currently eating away at the world (a topic for a whole other discussion). The increase in costs for a business to operate is going to have an impact on how fast tech advances to replace those non-value-add positions. The only way to get ahead is to create a second source of income.

You Found Your Idea, Now What?

Pick your idea and run with it. There are too many internet gurus that tell you how to build a 7-figure business in a week, I am not that and will not point you in that direction. We are after truth and hope that readers here are too. Pick something and just go, if it ends up being the “wrong idea” you will have learned valuable lessons or skills along the way that will only help you with the next idea. 9 times out of 10 you don’t have an idea problem, those are abundant, you have an execution problem.

Welcome to the Jungle

The jungle is the side of the internet all about business building. It is a community of extremely talented anonymous individuals that have a wealth of knowledge in hopes that they can help others achieve freedom. The Jungle was created by BowtiedBull who had created a massive following with Wall St. Playboys. The community being formed is filled with individuals teaching finance, cooking, starting internet e-commerce businesses, fitness, and skin care (just to name a few). You can get the best information on the internet for as low as $10/mon. It is a no-brainer in the world of people trying to shill you courses that cost thousands.

Incorporation of Your Online Business

You found your idea, understand the means to accomplish it, and now it is time to take action on everything. Now it is time to start an LLC. Incorporating your business allows you to protect yourself from a legal standpoint and legitimize what you are doing. This has never been easier with companies like Tailor Brands existing. Tailor Brands has been the one-stop shop for logo creation, LLC services, and much more for the Grapplers Graveyard. Tailor Brands has helped us make our business legitimate and has helped us along the way making the journey of becoming an entrepreneur a less intimidating endeavor. starting a businessStarting a business has never been easier because of the internet. Due to the circumstances and decisions of “leaders” in the world, the only way to get ahead these days is to create a second source of income. Learn how to build a scalable online business in the Jungle with highly qualified individuals who will be more than willing to lend a hand if you show that you will put in the work. Take that first step! Graveyard King

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