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Prime Hydration Sports Drink: What Fuels Your Training?

Prime Hydration Sports Drink

Prime Hydration Sports drink is probably the best thing that could have happened to drinks in the last decade. Finally, we get a low-calorie alternative that tastes great and gets the job done! 

Prime Hydration Drink Sports Drink

ADCC was an amazing event that we had the privilege of attending this year! It was full of spectacular matches that led to many upsets along the way but one thing that stood out to us that weekend was the giant Prime logos on the side of the mats!


Prime is a sports hydration company founded by partners in crime Logan Paul and KSI. These massive influencers have built a company that is taking the sports drink world by storm and people cannot seem to be getting enough, myself included.

During my time in Las Vegas, while watching the events that took place at ADCC, I recall having at least 6 Primes in two days. The taste of the product is amazing and it also helped that they only gave you the option to drink their products since there was no Gatorade or Powerade to be found in the building for the weekend!

We have written a review of the product here. We wrote this shortly after our time spent at ADCC and even collected other people’s reviews here. So if you didn’t want to take our word for it, maybe you can get an idea from others as well!

Gatorade vs Powerade vs Prime

We grew up drinking these drinks almost religiously. We played sports our entire life and have just now made the switch to wanting to drink Prime exclusively. If you are anything like us you only want to be putting the best things in your body. I need it to be running effectively to compete at high levels in the sport I chose to participate in, jiu-jitsu


Frost (Favorite Flavor)

gatorade facts


Mountain Berry Blast 

powerade facts


Blue Raspberry (Prime Equivalent)

prime facts

What Fuels Your Training?

Hydration is a key component to being at peak performance. If you are not hydrated it is going to drastically impact your ability to perform on the mats. Jiu-jitsu is a sport that takes a lot out of you especially when you train multiple times a week or even multiple times a day. Prime has recently release on the go packets to pour into your water as well, check this out now!

We love to prime and try to get our hands on it as much as we possibly can. The fact that every time I go to Walmart and the product is out of stock is a good sign for the company but not so good for people like me who just want to drink the stuff. Best believe when the opportunity arises and we find an ample supply at the local Walmart we will be buying enough to last us for a month!

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