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Prime Hydration Drink Reviews

prime hydration drink reviews

Prime hydration drink reviews are covering the internet and it’s hard to find one spot to get an opinion. In this article we have you covered! Here you will find our reviews and others’ reviews so you can come to your conclusions on the product!

What is PRIME?

Prime Hydration is one of the fastest-growing start-up drink brands in the world. This company sells a product that comes in several flavors, has low calories, and is mainly used for hydration purposes.

First Things First

We always want to bring this up when we write up a product review. Everything that we write a review on we have tried and own. These are our opinions and hope to build real trust with our audience through our reviews of products. 

PRIME Product Reviews

Review 1: Miniminter (4.1 million views)

The most viewed Prime review on Youtube! Views don’t mean credibility so we will leave you with a couple more to decide for yourself!

Review 2: Shredded Sports Science (279 thousand views)

This review here is a negative one and seems pretty harsh. Nonetheless, if you want a full idea of what this product has to offer you cannot always look at the good stuff!

Review 3: All Things Nutrition (8,200 views)

Review 4: TheSkyLife (5,100 views)

This is the latest review on Prime’s newest flavor, Meta Moon. We personally have not tried it because every time we go and look for it at a local Walmart all the product is gone!

prime hydration drink reviews - nurtional facts vs competitors

Our Overall Opinion

Buy Prime. And buy lots of it. Throw away the Gatorade, Powerade, or Body Armor if you are an athlete they are too high in sugar for you to be comfortable with. Prime is our go-to option for hydration drinks from this point forward! We honestly love the taste of this product and love that it is a healthy alternative to other sports hydration drinks!

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