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Prime Hydration Drink: Ditch the Gatorade and Powerade Now!

drime prime hydration

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The fastest way to gain weight is to not realize how many calories you are intaking with the things you are drinking. Milkshakes, sweet coffee, and now even popular sports drinks can be linked to giving your body many added calories that you may not want to pack on.

If you are anything like us, you like to put things in your body that are not high in sugar or super high in calories, we care about what we eat and drink. When we took a look at the labels of popular sports drinks that we have been consuming for years we were furious at what we saw.

Trying Prime for the first time was an awesome experience because it tasted great and was a low-calorie alternative with no added sugars! Prime Hydration Drink is our go-to and in this article, we will compare it to other popular brands like Gatorade and Powerade!

Prime Hydration Drink

drime prime hydration

Prime Hydration is taking the world by storm recently and rightfully so. We first got introduced to this company through following Logan Paul on most of his social media but quickly realized that the brand would have a huge impact on the hydration of hundreds of thousands of athletes worldwide when they sponsored ADCC.


Table of Contents

For those that do not know, ADCC is like the Superbowl of the grappling world. We had the opportunity to attend the event this year in Las Vegas and saw huge Prime Hydration logos on the side of the mats.


Inside the UNLV stadium instead of offering Gatorade or Powerade, they only offered Prime and we were shocked by how great tasting this stuff was. We found ourselves drinking multiple of these drinks a day while watching some awesome jiu-jitsu matches.

When we made it back to our home state we started doing some research and found some shocking things about the comparisons between other sports beverages that Prime is directly competing with. The two main companies they compete with are Gatorade and Powerade which we have come to find out is pretty much just sugar water. Let’s look at the comparisons of the labels of their products.

Gatorade vs Powerade vs Prime

We grew up drinking these drinks almost religiously. We played sports our entire life and have just now made the switch to wanting to drink Prime exclusively. If you are anything like us you only want to be putting the best things in your body. I need it to be running effectively to compete at high levels in the sport I chose to participate in, jiu-jitsu. 


Frost (Favorite Flavor)

gatorade facts


Mountain Berry Blast 

powerade facts


Blue Raspberry (Prime Equivalent)

prime facts

Pros of Prime


    • Great Tasting product

    • Lower Calorie drink compared to Gatorade and Powerade 

    • Innovative company – just released packets you can pour into water

    • Thirst Quenching

    • Provides hydration and electrolytes

Cons of Prime


    • Allows out of stock

    • Only way to buy online is Amazon or Walmart – no direct purchasing through their site

We love to prime and try to get our hands on it as much as we possibly can. The fact that every time I go to Walmart and the product is out of stock is a good sign for the company but not so good for people like me who just want to drink the stuff. Best believe when the opportunity arises and we find an ample supply at the local Walmart we will be buying enough to last us for a month!


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