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Mat Fuel Supplement: Product Review

mat fuel supplement

Are you a part of the zombie crew and find yourself training in jiu-jitsu early in the morning? Or maybe you are an evening class attendee that comes straight from work to get your exercise in. One thing that we all have in common is that we love to train jiu-jitsu but hate that sluggish feeling that comes over us in the mornings or nights when we train! I would find myself calling it ”just one of those days” when I would show up and get smashed by people because I was unable to focus or had low energy levels walking into class. I no longer run into that issue since discovering the Mat Fuel Supplement! 

In this article, we will discuss what Mat Fuel is and how it can benefit you in your training!

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Mat Fuel Supplement: Product Review

What is MatFuel?

Mat Fuel is a supplement crafted specifically for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners and athletes. The supplement fuels your jiu-jitsu training sessions by giving you the added energy and focus that you need to get the most out of training. 

We stumbled across the supplement on TikTok from an influencer in the space and reached out to the company to try it out! They have been generous enough to give out free samples of the product so we could try it before we bought it

Normally I train after I get off from my day job at about 6 pm. By this time I have exerted most of my energy because I normally wake up around 7 am to start working on my website before I clock into the day job at 9 am. We have been using matfuel to help us get that push-through on our workouts and we have been feeling lights-out on the mats since using the product. 

Matfuel has given us the extra push we needed to get the most out of our evening classes and I know it is allowing me to get closer to my full potential with the sport! I love training in jiu-jitsu. Even though I love doing this before mat fuel there were days we would get off work and feel extremely sluggish going on the mats. Now we just take two capsules and we are good to go!

Below we will discuss the benefits we have felt since using the product but first let’s dive into who created the product and how it was formulated!

What Are Other People Saying?

Before we tried out the product for ourselves we made sure to do some research on our own and found out that the reviews of the product were very positive! You can check out the reviews on their site and most of them seem to be very honest and helpful!

So far we have been going through our free sample and enjoy what we are getting out of the product!

Ingredients of Matfuel

Here is an image of the ingredients found inside Mat Fuel:

mat fuel ingredients
  • INCREASES ENDURANCE FOR BJJ. It won’t help your skill level, but it will help you perform what you already know to the best of your ability. You will be able to roll harder and faster than usual without feeling overwhelmed.
  • DECREASES PERCEIVED LEVEL OF EXERTION (doesn’t feel like you’re trying hard). This special pre-workout blend is focused on boosting endurance and brain function, not strength and power. It feels nothing like typical pre-workouts.
  • NO CRASH OR JITTERY FEELINGS. It is designed so you can feel great taking it every day, which is NOT the case with other pre-workouts.
  • CLEARER THINKING AND BETTER DECISION-MAKING. Since Matfuel energizes the brain as well as the body, you’ll think faster, remember things better, and make better decisions while rolling.
  • CONTAINS CAFFEINE from the Guarana Extract. If you take the full 5 capsules, it contains 88mg of caffeine – less than a cup of coffee. Each capsule will contain about 17mg of coffee, so 3 capsules would be similar to a cup of tea.

Pros of Supplement After Taking 

  • Added energy that we needed to stay focused during the training session
  • Easy to take 
  • A short list of ingredients
  • No Crash and easy to go to bed after taking 
  • No Jitters
  • Free Sample to test it out

Cons of Supplement After Taking

  • The serving size says 3-5 capsules but we are fine with just taking two
  • If you take this for regular weightlifting use it will not be as effective

Matfuel has been an awesome add-on to our list of supplements that we take to be at our best when we are training jiu-jitsu. Matfuel is generous enough to let you test out the product before you have to purchase an order for yourself! We intend to keep taking these supplements to help us get the most out of our nighttime training!

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