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How much are Jiu-Jitsu Classes

jiu-jitsu classes

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Jiu-jitsu, a martial art that originated in Japan and gained widespread popularity in Brazil, has become a favorite among people who want to improve their fitness and self-defense skills. In this post, we will cover the costs associated with learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This post will break down the average cost of jiu-jitsu classes, gear, and other expenses related to learning martial arts.

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How Much Do Jiu-Jitsu Classes Cost?

Typically, Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not paid for on a per-class basis. Normally, gym instructors charge membership fees for unlimited classes throughout the month. Most Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms will have a trial period to allow prospective members to find out if a martial art is something they want to do.

If you are adamant about not signing a membership fee until you know the gym is somewhere you want to be, you can pay drop-in fees on a per-class basis. Typically, drop-in classes cost between $10 – $40 depending on the gym. In our BJJ journey we have tried out a good number of gyms and the drop-in fees line up with this price range. We have trained at gyms in the past that offered free drop-ins if you come a couple of times a week but some gyms have a strict pay-per-visit cost.

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Average Cost Of BJJ Classes

If you are dropping into classes across the country you can expect to pay about $10 – $40 per class.

If you get a membership at a gym, typically the membership gives you unlimited access to the gym. each jiu jitsu academy is different so be sure to give them a call before you show up to get more clarity on the costs associated with training at that specific gym.

Other BJJ gym fees to be aware of

You should not expect to pay anything more than the drop-in fee when you are just dropping in. If you decide to continue to train you could expect to pay for gear, competition fees, or possibly private lessons both in person or online!

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The average monthly BJJ gym fee

The average price to train at BJJ gyms that you could expect to pay (monthly membership) is about $180/month. Most coaches can be flexible with individuals that ask, for the first couple of years we broke this $180/month payment into weekly installments to make it a bit easier on our bank account.

Most gyms have discounts for members that sign contract terms or bring other family members into the gym. here is a possible breakdown of how much it could cost every month:

    • ~$150/month for adults and kids who sign a year-long agreement (unlimited classes)

    • ~$350/month for a family of 3 *each additional member of the family would be roughly $50 (with a year-long agreement)

No Contract

    • ~$180/month for adults with no contract (unlimited access)

    • ~$400/month for a family of 3 with no contract *each additional member of the family would be about $50

If you are thinking about getting Brazilian jiu-jitsu membership and have a part of law enforcement or the military you may get a discount on a monthly membership. It should be noted that every gym is different and all prices are just rough estimates based on our experience.

Be sure to ask the head instructor black belt about the pricing of attending your gym of choice.

Average Cost To Start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

So, now that we have taken a look at the membership fees you can expect while training BJJ, it’s time to examine some of the other costs associated with training. Learning jiu jitsu starts with signing up for classes, the first purchase you will make when training is probably going to be a gi and some other gear.

Typically, a jiu-jitsu gi costs anywhere between $120-$180 and it will be probable that you will need more than one so you can have a clean gi for every training session you appear at throughout the week. Right now we have four gis. After about 6-8 months of training in a Gi you will probably want or need to get a new one.

When you are training jiu-jitsu it is also common to buy rash guards, spats, headgear (to prevent cauliflower ear), and a bag to store all your equipment. A typically rash guard will cost you anywhere between $35-$65, spat will be roughly about $20, and headgear will cost about $35.

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The Typical Gym

The typical gym where you will train BJJ may have world-class instructors and a large number of training partners for you to get the most out of your time training. Most practitioners will train 3 – 5 times per week and will have people that range in experience.

It is very common to see all the different belt levels at any gym where you train at. The atmosphere and culture are always going to vary from gym to gym so getting accustomed to those that you will call partners may take some time.

Some martial arts gyms will not strictly focus on jiu-jitsu training. In today’s landscape, it is common for most gyms to have wrestling or possibly judo in their curriculum. In some cases there will even be mixed martial arts (MMA) training taking place at the gym you end up choosing.

bjj many gyms costs about the same price

A beginner’s guide to the cost of BJJ gym fees, clothing, equipment, and beyond

When you look at the overall costs of training Brazialian jiu-jitsu it is safe to say that it is not the most cheap hobby to pick up. here are some of the typical costs you can expect when you decide to train in the martial art of Brazilain jiu-jitsu:

    • Gi – ~$120 – $200

    • Rash Guards – ~$20 – ~$65

    • Training Shorts – ~$40

    • Flights for competitions (if you are planning on competing out of state) – range during the time of the year and the location where you are flying to

In jiu-jitsu, you may find yourself with additional costs for things that may enhance your training or keep you at your peak. Supplements and CBD are common things we could add to the list of essentials that we think everyone who trains should be adding to their routine. The thing about Brazilian jiu-jitsu is that this becomes a lifestyle for most that end up taking the martial art seriously.

It is awesome to see those that go into this martial art and allow it to fully change who they are as a human positively. investing into your health and fitness is the best investment you can make and it all starts with your willingness to start.

How much does a BJJ gi cost?

Typically a Brazilian jiu-jitsu Gi costs anywhere between $120 – $200. The more expensive the gi the better quality the material. We love our $200 gi from Moya because the fit and feel of the gi are better than any other one that we have purchased.

We have an ongoing list of the best Gi’s that you can find on the market right now. We want to showcase both large and small companies on this list so you get a wide range of choices in the process.

BJJ Gym Fees: What You Need to Know

Typically jiu-jitsu gyms are small family-run businesses with owners that are very flexible with you if you communicate your needs. When we first started we were unsure if this was going to be something that we were going to want to commit to and our coach worked with us to break down the large monthly payment into more manageable weekly installments.

It is important to note that open mats are free of charge pretty much anywhere you go. For those that do not know what an open mat is, it is just a training session where the doors are open to the public for anyone to come in and get some training. Typically these take place on a Saturday.

Cost Of Private BJJ Lessons

Private lessons are something that you could also be purchasing if you decide to train jiu-jitsu. A private lesson is typically a one-hour session with a coach of your choice where you can work on anything that you want. Depending on the coach and what they charge you can expect to pay anywhere between $100 – $120 per hour. The cost typically goes down a bit when you buy them in packages and is also dependent on how in demand the specific instructor is.

bjj private lesson vary depending on a number a factors - how much does jiu jitsu classes cost

Options to Reduce the Cost of BJJ Classes

The best way to reduce the costs of BJJ classes is to bring the whole family along into your jiu-jitsu journey. This will lower the fees that you pay on a monthly basis but it may be added up when you have to go get Gis and other gear for everyone.

Martial arts like jiu-jitsu are not the cheapest thing in the world but overall a great investment for yourself and those you love.

Watch BJJ YouTube videos (preferably with a training partner)

In the early days of our training whenever we found ourselves not knowing how to execute a move we watched tons of youtube videos. The great thing about BJJ is that it is a forever-evolving art form that always has something new for you to learn.

You are not limited to just learning in jiu-jitsu classes. You can learn jiu-jitsu almost anywhere thanks to influencers on the internet sharing their knowledge and wisdom about a martial art to the community.

Jiu-Jitsu Competition Entry Fees

If you plan on taking this sport more seriously and want to test the waters at being a high-level competition the opportunity is there. Brazilian jiu-jitsu has developed into a mass-market martial art and continues to grow into something much larger as the years go on. The opportunity to be a professional athlete in this sport is very and can be a lucrative career for those that play their cards right.

Competitions are the best way to get yourself out there and face people that you normally do not train with. Fees for a competition range from $85 (early registration) to $120 (late registration).

Average Cost of a Rash Guard

The average cost of a rash guard is anywhere between $30 – $65. The more expensive the more quality the martial in almost all cases. We love the gear from Future Kimonos and have been raving about their products since we bought them last September at ADCC in Vegas. They are a bit on the pricey side so if you are looking for better budget options you cannot go wrong with Phalanx or XMartial gear!

Words of wisdom: resist the urge to buy a whole new wardrobe of Gis

Once you get into buying a Gi for your BJJ training it is common for people to go on a spending spree and get multiples GIs from a list of companies. Although it can be fun to invest in some of these brand-named gear it may not be the best habit to pick up for your pocketbook. We on the other hand find ourselves getting a new Gi about every 6 – 8 months and that seems to be a good cadence that we feel comfortable with.

We know plenty of people who have invested hundreds if not a couple thousand into their Gi wardrobe but then there are people who are okay with just one or two. It is more of a preference thing in our opinion.

Average Cost Of BJJ Accessories

    • Gi – ~$120 – $200

    • Rash Guards – ~$20 – ~$65

        • martial – 10% off your purchase today using code ‘GRAPPLERSGRAVEY’

        • Phalanx – $5 off your purchase today using code ‘GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD’

        • Future Kimonos – 15% off your purchase using code ‘GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD’

    • Training Shorts – ~$40

    • Competition Fees – $80 – $120

    • Flights for competitions (if you are planning on competing out of state) – range during the time of the year and the location where you are flying to

    • Tape – $10 – $15

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Why Are BJJ Gyms So Expensive?

BJJ gyms are a bit more expensive than your traditional gym fees for several reasons. The biggest one is that you are getting more structured training sessions with a professional with almost a decades worth of experience and knowledge. At a regular gym, you do not get this unless you are training with a personal trainer and most trainers do not have that type of experience.

We have had a personal trainer in the past and from what we have seen BJJ cost right about the same price that it was costing us to train with a personal trainer. We have way more fun training BJJ with our training partners than we did training alone with a personal trainer.

Cost Of BJJ Shorts

You do not want to be training jiu-jitsu in shorts with pockets, zippers, or loose velcro, this presents a hazard to those that you are rolling.

Typically, board shorts or MMA shorts are going to cost you about $40. You can find some awesome pairs at Future Kimonos website (here) and get a 15% discount when you use our promo code ‘GRAPPLERSGRAVEYARD’ at checkout.

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Is BJJ Worth The Money?

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is worth every penny that you spend. This martial art is more than just a great workout but a great way to improve your life on several fronts. We look at BJJ as a self-improvement tool to become the best version of yourself. Along your jiu-jitsu journey, you will have many ups & downs or transition periods just like you will in life. Jiu-jitsu gives you a practical way to navigate life’s toughest challenges and come out the other side a stronger, happier, and more fulfilled human being.

How Much Are Jiu-Jitsu Classes? Additional BJJ Classes Costs

You are not paying per class at most jiu-jitsu gyms unless you are paying the drop-in fee. Drop-in fees for most gyms range between $10 – $40. Most gyms will give you a trial class before you have to start paying so keep that in mind.

How To Reduce The Cost Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

The best way. to reduce your costs while training jiu-jitsu is going to be done by not spending all your money on the accessories that most people get wrapped up in buying. There are fixed costs that you are going to be unable to avoid like buying your first Gi and paying a membership fee each month. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu costs about ~$200/month which is pretty affordable for those that work a normal job about 40 hours a week.

instructional videos from home

Learn BJJ Online with Jiu Jitsu X

Learning jiu jitsu can be a highly rewarding experience, and now you can learn it from the comfort of your own home with Jiu Jitsu X. With Jiu Jitsu X, you’ll have access to top-notch instructors who will guide you through every step of the way.

You’ll be able to learn at your own pace and on your schedule, allowing you to fit your training into your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner, Jiu Jitsu X has something for everyone. By investing in their online courses, you’ll not only improve your physical health and fitness, but you’ll also gain valuable self-defense skills that could prove useful in a variety of situations while leveling up your game along the way. So why not leap and start your jiu-jitsu journey today with Jiu-Jitsu X?

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