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BJJ Belt Rankings: Why Do they Matter?

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BJJ Belt Rankings have created the truest form of a meritocracy that we know of as human beings. A meritocracy is defined as a system where people only rank up because they deserve to based on their skills. Everyone who participates in BJJ has an equal opportunity to get to the highest level of the sport. Why does it even matter that BJJ is structured in this way, let’s find out!

BJJ Belt Rankings

In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu there are five levels that someone can receive. Those five levels are:

White Belt

Blue Belt

Purple Belt

Brown Belt

Black Belt

Within each belt ranking, you will receive stripes that indicate progress within that respective rank you find yourself in. Four stripes on a belt mean you have effectively “maxed out” your belt and are on your way to a promotion! Congratulations!

188Why Do They Matter?


In BJJ there is a hierarchy that is established through the belt ranking system that is in place. Because these belts are not easy to obtain this creates an environment of order and respect.


In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu you listen to those that are above you. They know things that you do not and have experienced much more time on the mats. Creating this baseline level of respect for those around you that are better than you teach an individual how to manage their ego in all different kinds of situations. Respect is earned within the four walls of a jiu-jitsu gym and the only way it is earned is through the hard work and dedication you decide to put in.

Represent real things

Each belt is a direct reflection of real things that have tangible value in your daily life. Each time you rank up you showcased a real level of commitment to yourself and getting better at a skill. The belt represents the bonds you create within the four walls of your gym and the friendships you have made with others outside of your gym. Ranking up in jiu-jitsu is a very respectable thing and each person should feel proud that they are doing something that most will not even attempt.

bjj belt rankingsRespecting The Gym

One of the first things you will notice when you decide to train jiu-jitsu is that everyone there has an immense amount of respect for the sport and the gym where they train at.

Each time someone of a higher rank tells you something, you are receptive to the lesson. We bow before we step on the mat. We respect people’s taps and never lash out at instructors for any reason. Embedded into the community is a deep sense of respect that can be felt throughout each training session.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a sport that we are extremely passionate about and want to spread the wonderful benefits that the sport can have on people’s lives. The ranking system is an internal way to feel proud of yourself for doing something hard and challenging. It represents real lessons and bonds that are forged only through the hard work and dedication that someone puts out there on the mats. That is why we created the Grappler’s Graveyard. We want to help people reach their fullest potential through the sport of jiu-jitsu. Making martial artists exceptional human beings is our sole mission here and we could not be happier that we are moving in that direction!

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