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Best Gifts For Someone Who Does Jiu Jitsu

gifts for someone who does jiu jitsu

Finding a great gift for someone and knowing that they will use it frequently is a simple pleasure in life. There is nothing like putting a smile on someone’s face who you care about! In this article, we break down the best gifts for someone who does jiu-jitsu without having to break the bank!

Best Gifts For Someone Who Does Jiu-Jitsu

jiu jitsu gi - jiu jitsu gifts

1) Gi’s

 The most important thing that we will need in jiu-jitsu is the traditional kimono called a Gi. Jiu-jitsu gi’s are excellent gifts for someone who trains BJJ during the holiday season. Typically we have a rotation of two gi’s so we always have one that is clean to train with during the week but the more options we have the better!

future kimonos - jiu jitsu gifts

2) Rash Guards & Shorts

Rash guards and MMA shorts are also great gifts to get a jiu-jitsu lover during the holiday season. The rash guards and shorts are important for the no-gi grappling style that most people train in when taking on the sport of jiu-jitsu! You can find some great options here!

We wrote a review of their products back when we attended ADCC in September (basically the Superbowl of Jiu-Jitsu)! Although Future Kimonos is a little more on the pricey side, the quality of the material is unmatched and they operate as a great gift idea for someone who loves the sport of jiu jitsu!

jiu jitsu x - jiu jitsu gifts

3) Seminars or Video Instructionals

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Online

One thing that is common for people that train jiu-jitsu is the desire to get better at the sport! 

The only way we can get better is by training more or watching the best in the world pull off the moves they do! Jiu Jitsu X courses are a way to learn from some of the best in the world from the comfort of your own home! We have bought a couple of courses from some of the instructors we know and it was well worth the investment! 

Go ahead and ask who they want to learn from and we are sure you can find their instructionals!

Yoga For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 

Something that has a huge impact on our longevity in the sport of jiu-jitsu is truly taking care of our bodies and treating them like our temples. One way to keep us away from injury is to stretch, hydrate, get good rest, and wrap it all up with proper supplementation.

A great gift idea for someone who loves jiu-jitsu during the holiday season would be to get him instructional videos for Yoga! This could be a fun activity you two do together or something they can pick up separately! Keeping yourself nimble and flexible has a game-changing effect on how well you perform and how long you can keep injuries from creeping in!

If you get them this it might be nice to get them a yoga mat while you’re at it, if they do not already have one!

healthy supps

4) Supplements 

Supplements are a huge part of staying at our peak so we can get the most out of our training sessions! A great gift to get someone who practices jiu-jitsu would be to get them supplements that can help with several issues that arise when training BJJ. A lot of us find ourselves training with little aches and pains that could be easily alleviated with proper supplementation! Here are some that we recommend you check out and consider getting someone who loves to train jiu-jitsu!

For Pain Management, Joint Pain, Or Muscle Soreness

  1. CBDmd – CBD, CBD Cream or Delta 9 Gummies
  2. Phytochet – CBD oils
  3. Fish Oil Capsules

Other Supplements

Mat Fuel 

This is a pre-workout specifically designed for people who train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and provides us with the necessary energy to easily get through workouts! The best part is that we do not experience any kind of jitters when taking the supplement and it supplies us with an immense amount of focus throughout the class!

Protein Powder For After Training

Jocko Fuel

One of the more popular figures in the jiu-jitsu community is a person named Jocko Willnik. The former military commander loves to train jiu-jitsu and has built products around his love for nutrition and the sport! 

Jocko Fuel offers a number of products ranging from everyday supplements to high-quality proteins with no junk on the ingredients list! One of my favorite things to get during the holiday season is protein. I try to ask for gifts that I know I will use and not just add clutter to my life!

Frog Fuel

Frog Fuel is a new on-the-go protein supplement that we have been recently using. When we are on the go and in a rush from training to our regular day job it’s super easy to consume Frog Fuel and give our bodies the necessary protein it needs after a hard day at training!

The company was founded by former navy seals, tastes great, and is a very convenient way to get fast-acting protein in our bodies! This supplement is an excellent complimentary gift with protein powders that act as great gifts for anyone who trains in a grappling sport!

Naked Nutrition

Protein is something we go through pretty often. I love getting protein as gifts because it eliminates the need to go off and make my own trip!

Having the right protein for after workouts is key for your recovery after a tough training day!


Creatine is a supplement that allows the body to recover faster and allows us to get the most out of our bodies when training! A nutritionist that we recently spoke to told us to continue using this supplement so we know that getting creatine would work as an excellent gift idea!

massage gun

5) Massage or a Massage Gun

Throughout this article, we have discussed the challenges we go through as a grappler regarding muscle soreness, fatigue, and joint pain. Another great first for someone who trains actively is a massage gun that can help alleviate some of that pain! Some of the best can be found on Amazon!

6) Durable Jiu-Jitsu Bag

We have yet to find a specific company that makes great jiu-jitsu bags and will continue to be on the hunt for someone that does. For the time being though we have been using a Nike duffle bag that does the job just as well! We bought ours through amazon and use it almost every day!

foam rolling

7) Foam Roller

A foam roller and a massage gun combo are what we are looking for this holiday season! Sitting at our desks for 8 hours a day and training almost 5 days a week leaves our back feeling very tight! This is a great way to alleviate that tension.

liquid iv

8) Electrolyte Drink Packs for Training

Staying hydrated and getting electrolytes into our system is a way to stay at our peak and prevent us from crapping! A great stocking stuffer idea for people who love jiu-jitsu would be to get drink packs for our training! 

9) Athletic Tape

hand tape

10) Knee Sleeves

Getting knee sleeves helps with mat burns and protects us from injury. When practicing jiu-jitsu it is common to get caught in a position where our knees can get exposed to injury. Having one of these in our gym bag is a part of our essentials. If your Grappler does not have a pair of these, we highly recommend you get them a pair!

birthday gift ideas for grapplers - knee sleeve

11) Headgear

Headgear can be essential for grapplers to get their hands on. Headgear helps prevent cauliflower ear, a common ear deformity that occurs when the cartilage of the ear is damaged. As wrestlers, judo athletes, MMA fighters, or jiu-jitsu practitioners, we risk this happening You can find great headgear on Amazon or you can support the small business Matman. They make excellent gear for grappling sports in general!

birthday gift ideas for grapplers - mouth guard


Mouth Guards

You can get some pretty awesome custom mouthguards with impact! If you are going to get your someone a gift this holiday season, go for a customized mouthguard that will look cool and special to them! You’ll keep their teeth from getting knocked out in the process and they will have a sentimental gift that is unique to them! 

Check out their site for their latest pricing!

Finding great gifts for someone is a difficult task. Finding gifts for someone without breaking the bank is even more difficult! With this list, you are well equipped to not only find the perfect gift this holiday season but also protect yourself from going bankrupt! Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or you’re just wanting to do something nice, we have you covered!

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